Good news, we litle bit pimped up our site, to be more clear and user friendly. Hope u will love it.More info

Currency converter

Enter price what you want to calculate.


New things to talk about.

Our first birthdays and new design.

Our website was redesigned and brings multiple features.

First of all, our site was completly redesigned and refubrished, to reflect all your feedbacks and wishes.


Simplified ordering process

Whole order process was renewed and reworked. Now you are able to order items and system will automatically detect, if you need to put your shipping informations or not.

Add your Personal Details

For future use, we will collect some default informations about you and your profile. On next order, you will select from saved billing and shipping addresses, instead of filling up whole form.

Course packages

Instead of writing notes about your wishes for course packages, we created a new tool to pick from our library directly. Then, when your order was completed, all courses will be available immediately without any double-checking.

Not in your currency?

Not anymore. You can check on top rigt corner, there are "Currency converter" for quick check for price in your dessired currency.

Online Support for month

Regarding to multiple new features, we will provide for you a discord channel, for support questions.

Check it out

Birthday Present

Because of our 1st birthdays and BLACK FRIDAY sale we created a special packages with all our courses.

Request a login

This is a passwordless website and if you have purchased any course, then you can access our site by providing your e-mail address. Request login and we sent you a login link.

Old login style
If you have any kind of issues with paswordless login, you can use old login style with user email and password. Just follow this link.