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web fusion flower

Who does not know the Web effect ? They are incredibly beautiful

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agate gemstone gold & blue ( 2 courses )

Who does not know the Agate Gemstone ?

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sea flowers

Who does not know anemones living in the sea? They have a wide range of colors .

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spring flower green - yellow

Nowhere in the rules does it say that the center must be closed.

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laura carrillo

I was not expecting the end result to be so stunning. Im grateful to have seen you make minor mistakes because sometimes when I am pouring I make some mistakes that change the way my piece looks and I get a bit discouraged, so thank you! All in all great video, thank you!

Veฤพmi struฤnรฉ, odbornรฉ vysvetlenie, ktorรฉ pochopรญ aj zaฤiatoฤnรญk - tomu som veฤพmi rada. Ochota zo strany pani Majky komunikovaลฅ a rieลกiลฅ podnety je bleskovรก. Zatiaฤพ mรดลพem len odporuฤiลฅ a teลกรญm sa na ฤalลกie videรก a kurzy.


Thankyou for this wonderful coarse. I learned very much and will be purchasing courses to continue learning. I enjoyed watching! Thank you again Heather

Heather Mulholland

It's great!

Meglena Georgieva

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