How many discount codes can i use?

If you have multiple discount codes, you can use them in one or multiple orders. This is all on your decision, if you want to spend all discounts on one order.

How many times i can access purchased course?

Purchased courses are accessible for lifetime. You can watch it how many times you want

Is there any affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program for our partners. If you wish to participate, contact us through contact form.

How to mix pigments in recipes that are on the course?

These things were on the basic course, if you haven't bought the course, I recommend you to do so as it contains important information.

Do I need a basic course?

Yes. Our course is not only for beginners, as you will learn what pigments to use, how to calculate and recalculate recipes and much more that you will need when working with my patterns. This was the reason why the price of the basic course is so low

How do I find out how much resin I need for my mold?

You can find the answer in our basic course.

How do I recalculate the recipe for my mold size?

You can find the answer in the basic course.

How to store resin?

It is best to store the resin in a dry, cool and dark place (i.e. without direct UV radiation). Bottles that are exposed to high temperatures turn yellow faster. Always close containers immediately, as the oxidation process also leads to premature yellowing of the resin.

What is the best temperature for work?

You will learn more about this in our basic course, but best at 22°C. It always depends on what resin you use and what the manufacturer says

Why did my product have an orange peel effect?

This happens with resins that are sensitive to temperature, when you heat the resin a lot with a torch or heat gun, or when the temperature in your room fluctuates.

How does humidity affect the resin?

It may happen that your product deforms or mold such a mesh on the surface of the resin. Resin is susceptible not only to temperature but also to humidity. The humidity in the room should not exceed 40%. Preferably around 35%. An air dehumidifier helps with this.

Why do I still have flaws on the surface of the product, why is my product sticky?

If you followed the recommended temperature and humidity in the room, there may be several reasons for this. Badly mixed resin, incorrect mixing ratio, if there was water on the mold, etc... If you insert stones, crystal around the edges, this can happen even then.

How long does the resin mix before it is ready to work?

It depends on how many minutes the manufacturer states, but you have to make sure that it doesn't look milky and that it doesn't have streaks (as if you could see silicone).

Where can I buy pigments?

Anywhere really. There is many of brands . For example : mrs colorberry let´s resin just4youonline resinpro Le Rez Expressions Just Resin Castin craft

Where can I buy resin ?

There are many sellers for Europe and USA.

Resins - which I use. You can use your brand , just compare CPS

Geode resin -

Resin Pro -

Resin .

Resin -

Resin - Jdiction USA store :

Resin - Craft Resin

Resin - Liquid Diamond

Kde môžem zakúpiť ochranné pomôcky ?
Where can I buy silicone molds?


and many other. I don´t need to write all of them because you can find easy way in internet.

SILICUM RUBBER I-GUM - používam na vlastné formy.

Kde môžem zakúpiť glitre , sklo a iné ?

Minerálne glitre ( nezávadné ) - - pri zadaní kódu MAVAZO_ART budete mať zľavu 30% s celého nákupu . Akcia platí od 24/11 – 24/12 2022

Glitre :

Glitre :

Glitre :

Glitre : TEDI

Kde môžem zakúpiť pasty , práškové pigmenty .....?

Pasty a práškové pigmenty :

je ich veľmi veľa , toto sú tie čo používam najčastejšie.

Alkoholové pigmenty :



Where can I buy gold highlighters (Highlighters) and the like?

You can buy different brands in Europe and America. I use several types and the choice is up to you

Im not able to see my purchased courses in my profile.

If your courses are not showing on your profile, probably there are problem with translation. Some of our courses are currently available only for Slovak speaking visitors. Try to change your languge from English to Slovak. If course still missing, please, contact us via our contact form.

I'm not able to see video, still shows only logo with information about content is blocked with my privacy preferencies. What can i do?

If you see this kind of screen (below), you need to click "Privacy Preferencie" link on that video placeholder.

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After that, an modal window will show up with multiple choices of content providers like Vimeo, YouTube, Spotify, etc. All of our courses are uploaded to Vimeo, then you need to allow Vimeo and save preferencies. Page will automaticaly reload and shows video player instead of this informational screen about privacy preferencies.

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How can i register?

This site are not open for registrations. Only paid customers gain access with placing order.

How can i login after purchase?

After first purchase, you receive a "New account" email notification with your default password with link to login form. Later, you can simply login via Login form in top right corner of page, under "MY ACCOUNT".