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Mรกria Ifฤicovรก

Lead teacher

About us...

ResinCourses is a unique project focused on teaching Functional Art, Geode art and Ocean art, as well as clocks and tables.

How did it start?

About four years ago, I myself was a beginner with Epoxy and enrolled in a number of courses. Unfortunately , one of them cost me $600 , but I completed the more courses, Yet I still felt I lacked vital knowledge. I was disappointed, frustrated, and even a little angry. I wonโ€™t say it was a total waste of time because I did acquire some basic information, but in order for me to gain the knowledge, I was initially seeking, I spent another two years practicing and perfecting my craft. In the end, beauty was born from my mishap, as I have since trumped of creating a course that is not only reasonably priced, but equipped with all of the techniques, tips, and tricks you will ever need. 

I created this course not only because  I have a passion for resin art, but for you also that you donโ€™t have to waste the money as I did, so that you are able to learn from my mistakes, and to help prevent you from feeling the pure frustration I experienced. My goal is that when you are done watching the course, you are able to pick up a wood panel and begin creating your own masterpiece right away. I want you to feel confident in the various techniques and methods I cover, so that youโ€™re proud of your final geode artwork! I have poured my heart and soul into this project and I just hope you enjoy learning from it as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you. 

About Me...

Hello ,
My name is Majka Ifฤicovรก and I am geode resin artist from Slovakia. I have been working with epoxy since 2018. My work is diverse and I am mainly engaged in the production of paintings to order. I make Geode art and Ocean art, but I also create functional art, clocks and tables.

I insert original crystals into my art for their healing and calming properties. My goal is to bring a touch of luxury to your homes and at the same time the opportunity to surround yourself with the healing effects of crystals, which also create a pleasant atmosphere.

I want my art to inspire you, bring back memories, make you laugh and make you fall in love with life. Each piece is made to help with energy blockages, ease the flow of energy in the room and bring certain properties depending on the crystals that are embedded in my paintings. When looking at my paintings, think about the emotions and feelings that the painting evokes. Choose the one that speaks to you, right : ("you are buying the energy of creation"). This is because there is a relationship between the artist and the art that gives it life. I always try to create something new and unique for each customer. My work is very diverse and I specialize mainly in Geode Art . They are made on high-quality wooden panels and are also supplied with handles. As I already said, most of my works are made to order in the form of a commission, and if you are interested in the production of art , please contact me.

My courses...

Basic course

- the beginners course is will benefit not only beginners, but anyone and everyone who wishes to learn my specific techniques and designs. I will not only cover the fundamentals of working with epoxy resin but also the precise pouring methods are they used to achieve the effects I do. We will talk about things that you will not find on other courses.

Upon completing this course, you will feel confident:

โ€ขmixing epoxy with the many types of pigments available 

โ€ขaccurately mix your epoxy

โ€ขrecalculating specific recipes

Our courses are designed so that you can progress from a beginner to an experienced expert who will be able to create your own style. The courses are already filmed with mixed pigments. 

Functional art courses

- They will teach you how to make unique designs just for yourself or for sale. These are patterns that a lot of people puzzle over, but you have a unique opportunity to learn them really quickly. I will tell you all my secrets and after the course you will be able to make the patterns you see on the given course.

There will be more courses as there are many patterns and of course there will also be a loyalty program where you can get courses at a discount. We also prepare course packages with a financial advantage.

Course Geode art (ocean art)

After purchasing the Geode art course, you will be able to make your own geode art  with my step-by-step help. Whether you are focusing on sales or just want to make a painting for yourself or your loved ones, after the course you will be able to create paintings in the geode style.

The created art on my course in my dimensions will have a value of approximately โ‚ฌ1200. I will specify the exact price on the course and I will also teach you how to calculate the value of art in case you want to focus on producing geode art and ocean art for sale.

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