Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress
Pink Printed Dress

NOTE : Orders received from 7/2/2024 will be sent 15/2/2024

Unique silicone mold No. 002 with LIVE EDGES is made of platinum silicone. The mold is adapted for the production of LARIMAR effect,( stone effect )  but it is possible to use it for any patterns from our courses such as cell pattern, flowers and similar. Resin consumption when filling the entire mold is between 220 - 230 grams, which allows you to make products from thinner to thicker castings. If you don't cast the entire mold up to the surface, it may happen that you have sharp edges on the bottom of the product. They need to be sanded with a file or something similar

Every silicone mold from us is HANDMADE.  We try to make them as best as we can, as they say, a satisfied customer is the best customer. :-) as we have already said our silicone molds are handmade and we need 3-5 days ( does not include weekends ) to produce if not in stock. Right after that, the package is subsequently sent to the courier company of your choice.

The mold can be used for more sizes (thickness of the coaster) that you need. You can make castings from 100 grams in it, which means that you don't have to buy more molds and you have castings for all thicknesses.


Finished product (depends on the volume of epoxy used). 

space for cup: 13 cm - 14 cm ( 5.11" - 5.51" inch )

total product size: 15,5 cm in diameter ( 6.1" inch)

product height: 1.3 cm ( 0.51" inch)

The silicone mold has dimensions of 18 cm in diameter (7.08" inch) and the depth of the mold is up to 2 cm (0.79" inch)

Weight of the mold is 275 grams .

After packing for delivery approx 310 grams

Attention : On the casting in the video, you can see, as it were, a scratch from the bottom of the mold. It is from the adhesive tape with which I attach the castings to the casting molds. NOT FOUND ON SILICONE MOLDS!!!

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